About Finasky Enterprise

Finasky Enterprise (BY4437) is a commercial entity that is registered with Corporate Affairs Commision of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We are into General Contracts, Art work production, Sports promotions. Publishing, Media Contents Creation and other things.

Fortunatus Onuh


Our Mission

Our Business operations are vibrant and focused on the satisfactions of our clients. customers and partners.

We are into series business ventures. We are into General contracts, Art work production for interior decoration and fashion, sports promotions, content creactions, internet services and other things. 

We are very focused in our business engagements.

We are looking for Partners and potential investors. We have good operational arranegments that will profit any potential investor. We are very open for discussion and engagement by anyone that may like to partner with us. If you are looking for avenues to invest, contact us for discussions.

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